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IMS Policy

aap3 provide a range of information technology services and support to an international client base. In conjunction with our SOC and NOC services aap3 are a leading specialist IT engineering recruitment provider providing services to the global employment market.

Quality, Information Security & Environmental (QISE) compliance are at the core of our processes to ensure we avoid importing risk to our clients. As such we have implemented and maintain an integrated management system compliant with the requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001.

As such we aim to consistently achieve:

  • Satisfaction of our customer requirements for services and service provision in accordance with documented SLAs
  • Identification of and compliance with all applicable legal & regulatory controls including the compliance obligations required by our clients
  • The protection of all aap3 internal data sets and the maintenance of a risk assessed and effective supply chain for the protection and processing of data
  • Understanding of the needs and expectations of our interested parties
  • Monitoring of the effectiveness of our integrated Quality, Information Security & Environmental (QISE) management and system controls
  • Maintaining a framework for establishing documented QISE objectives
  • Maintaining the awareness and competence of our staff of their roles within our Integrated Management System
  • Effective management of any non-conforming service provision and the application of root cause analysis to determine the source of performance issues or nonconformances
  • Provision of a safe working environment and the prevention of pollution and environmental incidents
  • Continual improvement of our Integrated Management System

Our policy is made available to all interested parties of the business via our website and is communicated to all staff.

The Finance Director has ultimate responsibility for our QISE obligations which are then cascaded to all employees who have the responsibility of ensuring that QISE compliance is embedded within the whole of the company.