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SIE Tester

  • Hampshire
  • Permanent
  • £43.00 - £48.00 per hour

Position Description

· The SIE Tester is responsible for all aspects of testing beyond unit testing. This includes but is not limited to end-to-end testing, diagnostic testing, performance testing and security testing.

· They are involved in ensuring that functionality is proven early in the project lifecycle rather than a dedicated testing period at the end.

· They prefer quick, repeatable automated tests where possible and can adapt to use manual testing where required.

· They draw heavily on the use of stubs, mocks and simulators, especially when testing the whole system behaviour between SIE and third-party systems which may exist together yet in the development cycle.

Core Duties

· Testing Strategy

o Defines the SIE Testing Strategy and Test Plans to ensure adequate coverage of solution.

o Seeks reviews and feedback from team members to ensure that testing is thorough.

o When manual testing is necessary, designs tests to be thorough, fast to execute and easy to assess results.

o Individual tests focus on a logical aspect or feature of the system. When requirements change and features adapt, only specific tests will need to be adjusted.

o Tests shall be generic and not be brittle, where possible. They are subject to refactoring, simplifying and reworking as appropriate to allow them to be reused to test different platforms or in different markets.

· Business Interface

o When necessary, raises a bug with appropriate level of information, reproducible steps (where possible) and elaboration of how the system should behave vs how it appears.

o Engage end-users to understand their usage of the system or how they perceive a problem or challenge.

o Engages suppliers / third-parties to understand and clarify how systems should be operating; discover and understand where testing challenges may be present.

· Tool Creation

o Defines requirements to simplify or increase testing coverage using tools such as mocks, stubs, simulators or automated testing.

o Creates tools to support the testing requirements and/or seeks assistance from team to do so when needed.

· Test Execution

o Creates automated test execution environment with clear visualisation of passes/fails and each test run.

o Manual test execution is recorded in a way to ensure that both passes, failures and warnings are captured with enough information to assist the team after the fact.

Functional Knowledge

· Degree in Software Engineering, strongly related subject or relevant work experience

· Previous experience of working as a tester or developer-in-test as part of a software engineering team.

· Previous experience of working with both software and hardware

· Experience of creation of test strategies, plans and bug reports

· Knowledge of test libraries and tools such as (but not necessarily) junit, Mockito, Selenium, SonarQube, WireShark, Postman, shell scripting, SQL and git, Linux in KEY.

· Experience of breaking challenge into manageable chunks during planning and provide estimates to effort required to complete

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